Thursday, 26 January 2012

How Kali ingressed and initiated the Kaliyuga?

After the end of the Mahabharata war, Dwapara yuga also ends. Then starts the Kaliyuga and Dharmaraya rules it for 16 years. He passes the throne to Parikshita, the grandson of Arjuna and son of Abhimanyu + Uttara. Yudhistira takes Vaanaprasta and later acquires self Nirvaana. Parikshita identifies the Kali's ingress in 16 Amshas and understands that it is his grandfather Dharmaraya's contribution! The story goes like this. 
Once upon a time during Dharmaraya's rule, his Kudos were elaborated towards upper 7 and lower 7 Lokas. Bali was famous as the Dharmishta. Listening to Dharmaraya's kudos, the Bali Chakravarthy invites Dharmaraya as guest to his palace in Paatala Loka. As Dharmaraya goes there, he was treated with good banquet and while exploring the Bali's Palace, there was a surprise for him. At some corner of the palace, one cow was hanged inverted upright. Dharmaraya, the one who won't consume food without Go-pooja and giving food to cow, interprets this as violence act on cow and rejecting his hospitality starts departing from there. Bali, tries to convince him in different ways that he had not troubled any creatures. what he had seen was not truth, an illusion. But Dharmaraaya's instinct didn't accepted this and insisted to release the cow sooner, then only he will accept the hospitality. If "Athiti" - the guest goes out unsatisfied, it will be a sin. So, Bali releases the inverted cow. As soon as cow touches the ground, it reforms into Human, salutes both of them and disappears.
Astonishingly Dharmaraaya askes Bali about the incident of cow converting to human and disappearing from there. Bali recalls his saying that it was the "Maya", an illusion created by "Kali". Bali says that he had obligated Kali's ingress to this world for 20 Yugas and made the world to experience only Kruta, Treta and Dwapara Yugas. Now, Dharmaraya has liberated the Kali and it will occupy the world. He warns Dharmaraaya to take precautions about the Kali. After receiving Kali's hospitality, Dharmaraaya comes back to his palace and witnesses Kali sitting on his Simhaasana.

Dharmaraaya's Endurance controlled his own wrath. But Bheema becomes anger, attacks on Kali to kill. Kali objects that in the rule of Dharmaja, will he allow a person to whom he has given pardon from dying (Praana Bhikshe) and kill him in his own court. This was one of the greatest offenses according to the Dharma Shastras of that time. So, Kali projects a Dharmic Grievance. Dharmaraaya releases Kali from the hands of Bheema and obligates Kali to ingress the world only in 16 parts (Amshas) and never trouble the people in any other forms than these 16.

Parikshitha visualizes the whole story of Kali's ingress in 16 parts. With his physical strength, he obligates Kali and rules the world by his effort for 36 years. Then his son Janamejaya rules only for 28 years. He struggles a lot to rule and then bestows throne to his grandson Sudhanva. Brave Sudhanva discovered a formula from the Puraatana (Ancient) Vedic Raajya Shastra to rule the world by monitoring the 16 parts where Kali gets in. Accordingly he divided the Legislation into 16 parts and gave an united but Decentralized Political rule in the Vishala Bharatha.

Let us see how this Decentralized system of Vedic legislation was organized, in future posts.

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  1. QUOTE After the end of the Mahabharata war, Treta yuga also ends.UNQUOTE. Is it not the Dvaapara Yuga, the third one in sequence, that is Kruta>Treta>Dvaapara>Kali?