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New interpretation of Solar system by an Indian scientist

CURRICULUM VITAE OF Dr. Pallathadka KESHAVA BHAT (Dr. P. Keshava Bhat)

Born in Pallathadka (January 3, 1940 – July 25, 2010), South India. He was brought up in constant touch with natural life by his parents, Pallathadka Subraya Bhat and Lakshmi Amma. He was married to Devaki and has four children, all born in Cumaná, Venezuela.

Graduated from the Madras University in B.Sc ( 1959 ), M.Sc (1961) and Ph.D in Botany (1966)

Worked as a Research Assistant in Presidency College, Madras (1966-1968) and obtained the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (C.S.I.R) senior fellowship in 1968-1969.

Worked as a Senior Professor at the Universidad de Oriente, in Cumaná, Venezuela from 1969 to 1987 teaching Botany at both under graduate and post graduate levels.

In addition to the large number of scientific papers presented both at national and international levels, he has authored the following books.

Herbolario Tropical (1981)
Ayuda para el estudio de plantas con flores (1982)

#SiriBhuvalaya [#Siribhoovalaya] - Highly Alpha-Numeric Maths in Kannada

SiriBhuvalaya / Siribhoovalaya [ಸಿರಿಭೂವಲಯ / सिरिभूवलय] is a Grantha reformed by Kumudendu Muni near 1275 A.D. His Guru Parampara is like this:" Prathama Ganadhara, Vrushabha Sena, Kesari Sena, Vajra Chamara, Charu Sena, Vajra Sena, Adatta Sena, Jalaja Sena, Datta Sena, Vidarbha Sena, Naaga Sena, Kunthu Sena, Dharma Sena, Mandara Sena, Jaya Sena, Saddharma Sena, Chakra Bandha, Swayambhoo Sena, Kumbha Sena, Vishaala Sena, Malli Sena, Soma Sena, Varadatta Muni, SwayampraBharati, IndraBhuti Vipra 24 mainly", then "Vayu Bhuti, Agni Bhuti, Sudharma Sena, Arya Sena, Mundi Putra, Maitreyi Sena, Akampana Sena, Andhara Guru", lastly "PrabhaavaSena named HaraShivaShankara Ganitajna" who wins Vaakhyartha Gosti in Vaaranasi and creates an epic named "Paahuda" & gets the Ganadhara award. He says his Vamshavali as "Sena Guna - Jnatavamsha - Saddharma Gotra - Shri Vrushabha Sutra - Drvyaanga ShaaKe - Ikshwaaku Vamsha".
Being from a Jaina traditio…

Akshara & Bhaasha Vijnana

An excerpt of word भाषा from the old Indian Etymology reads as "भवनात् रथैः एष एषेति भाषा". The language was born when there was a requirement to communicate one's feelings to other. Before that there was only 'संज्ञा', the non verbal or gestures. Due to various reasons the perfect gesture based communication medium became diluted. As the requirement to communicate with others grown, the tongue started uttering sounds, it gave rise to वैखरी. Language scientist has to think how VaiKhari gets the input?
Vedanta says आत्म as अक्षर, the one which won't perish. So it was said that 'Akshara' is the one and only 'Atma' in this world. It signifies the 'Aksharatwa' of Brahma, Hari & Hara also. Its मूल नाद, the basic vibration was discovered by Sages as ॐ. From Omkaara the 'Akshara' originates, thus preparing the 'VaiKhari'. Hence शब्द becomes supportive factor for the achievement of existence in this world.
So the ओंकार चेत…

#Pundarika Mahayaga

Moral virtues in Indian perspective has religion as its backbone. Vedic religion has been in vogue in our holy land - 'Karmabhoomi' from time immemorial. It has been the unshakable conviction of our people that we are blessed with copious rains, plentiful harvest by pleasing Gods through 'Yajna Yagas'. History registers the profound knowledge of noble sages who all the time performed such Yagas for the welfare of the whole mankind. But in this modern, scientific age there has been a listlessness towards religious duties and preference is given more to show and pomp in performing Pujas and Yagas. Hence the society is deprived of the blessings of the divine effects of the religious rites.

Despites the circumstances a commendable service in promoting 'Satkarma is being rendered by his Holiness Sri Sri Jagdguru Shankaracharya Dakshinamnaya Sringeri Sharada Peethadeeshwara. Jagadguru Sri Sri Bharathitheeeertha Mahasannidhanam. To supplement his great effo…