Wednesday, 29 August 2012

7 paths towards realization of God

All the species are continually affected by 7 Poisons which will distract it from the actual path. These can be overcome by practicing 7 Vratas:

1. Satya Vrata: Truth is the one which is identified by inner Soul (Antaraatma). This is also called Mauna vrata, to be in silence which will make one to listen to inner vibration (Aantarika Vaani).

2. Dharma-Paalana: Dharma is the one which is approved by inner Soul. During the time when inner Soul accepts any conduct, it will be famous in the minds of people in the society.

3. Nyaya-Rakshana: Abiding to the Economy of the country, artlessness, no steals, etc., Totally not breaking the rules imposed for Social welfare.

4. Parisara-Poshana: The touches of fatherliness are eloquent of the real Human to any species. Any species shouldn't be tortured, they should be nourished with us. Sticking to the proper rule in food habits by nourishing the plant (Sasya) based food extracts, thereby abiding the Social rules.

5. Kaayaka-Dharma-Paalana: Taking oath that I will withhold the natural body power. Human should be Human (Maanava); Both Superhuman (Ati-Maanava) and Suppressed Humans (Ksheena-Maanava) perish sooner.

6. Vaachaka-Dharma-Paalana: Bad or harsh language (Durvachana), criticising others (Anya Dhushana), defaming work (Karma Nindana), scolding unobtainable (Alabhya Dhushana), non speaking of untruth. So, Silence (Mauna Vrata) is better in this case also.

7. Maanasika-Dharma-Paalana: This also comes in Mauna Vrata. Don't do what all you think! Judge properly the suitable & unsuitable circumstances with respect to past & future. 
Bhagavat-Sat-Chintana: If one follows the above 7 Vratas, then the pure (Satvika) thinking towards understanding the path shower - GOD (Bhagavanta) culminates itself.


  1. What is the pramAna for prescribing this?

    1. Veda Pramaana + Aapta Vaakya Pramaana + Sanakaadi kruta Karma-Samucchaya of Moola Bhaagavata Sampradaaya + Mahabharata is also a pramaana which is nothing but the description of 7-Vyasanaas troubling human & the ways to come out of it + Vaidhika Bauthashaastra describing these 7 Vishaas which affect their respective components & the ways to treat them. It varies with respect to several Shaastras like Rasayana-Shaastra, Loha-Shaastra, Deha-Shaastra, Jeeva-Shaastra, Deva-Shaastra, Khagola-Shaastra. For Example, in Deha-Shaastra, its the 7-Dhaatus got affected by 7 Vishaas. It analyses the affect of Anruta Vachana on the Body & finally recommends Satya-Vrata.

    2. Lots of Pramanas are there in Vedas, which has to be understood from Veda Bhaasha - Brahmi:
      मुन्चामित्वा हविषा जीवनायकमज्ञातयक्ष्मादुतराजयक्ष्मात
      ग्राहिर्जग्राह यदि वैतदेनं तस्या इन्द्राग्नी प्रमुमुक्तमेनं ||
      यदिक्षितायुर्यदि वा परेतो यदि मृत्योरन्तिकं नीत एव
      तमाहरामि निर्रुतेरुपस्थादस्पार्षमेनं शतशारदाय ||
      शतं जीव शरदो वर्धमानः शतं हेमन्ताचतमु वसन्तान्
      शतमिन्द्राग्नी सविता बृहस्पतिः शतायुषा हविषेमं पुनर्दुः ||