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Conceptions & Misconceptions about Vedas

Veda is a collection of several Vicharas included & made as a Grantha in 10 ways: "मन्थन, प्रयोग, चिकित्सा, ज्ञान, परिणाम, प्रागाथ, परिणय, विशेषण, परिचयut, पूर्णता" || It is all time, all place truth! It is not related to any particular religion, caste, place or time. It doesn't has any kind of सैद्धान्तिक पर-विरोध, धैव, देव दूषणं, or हिंसा | It is not at all मत - धर्म ग्रन्थ | It is a शुद्ध वैज्ञानिक संशोधना ग्रन्थ | It is not in Samskruta Bhaasha, it’s in Brahmi Bhaasha. Most of the modern age commentators have done व्याख्यन according their mind set & others quoted it as Vikruta Vyaakhyaana. But, Veda is not responsible for it; it’s the commentator! 

            Valmiki Maharshi wrote Ramayana. Several thousand people wrote commentaries on it. One has to be clear while reading the commentaries that, it’s the opinion of commentator only! Based on Max Muller’s arguments, people utter that there is animal sacrifice in Vedas. Some other commenced women withering in Vedas, other Politician posed that Veda is against people. But who is that person? Did he realize Vedas? Never thought of it also. 

If somebody writes some commentaries on women withering, non-vegetarianism, caste system, etc., which supports the unusual acts of many people, then it will be accepted as core reference. But is it the actual narration from Vedas? There is no violence regarding any species in this nature, anywhere in the Vedas. 

A poet has written that Sita was not the wife of Rama, but the wife of Lakshamana! It may be due to uncontrolled lust of the poet. One more poet wrote a chapter where a woman was un-clothed in the literature just for his delight. To save it, added the same to the Mahabharata and left disgrace to Vyasa. Sage Vyasa was not a person to have this kind of fallen mentality. If a Patta-Mahishi is brought to the King’s court wearing एक वस्त्र, that itself it great contempt. Draupadi swore that she won’t tie her hair till Dushyasana is assassinated. She did not swore that she won’t be clothed till Dushyasana is assassinated! Some corrupt people included all these kinds of unusual things inside great Epic like Mahabharata, just for self pleasure. A Sanskrit poet, due to भ्रान्त उद्वेग of his विकृत मनस्, narrated the physical beauty of a women, named it as Soundaryalahari and tagged Adiguru Shankaracharya to it. Since Acharya’s name was there, the stout believers wrote commentaries to give a godly touch and spiritual dimension to knowingly or unknowingly patch it. This is all the trumping technique used to mislead actual Vedic conceptions.

              Veda is a विशेष संशोधना ग्रन्थ  that has been written based on समग्र प्रपञ्च सृष्टि, स्थिति, लय विचार, जीवोत्पत्ति, वृद्धि, पूरकता | Currently this has to be subjected to विषेशाध्ययन, स्नातकोत्तर अध्ययन | There are people protesting vedas & also people living in the name of vedas but in a cunning manner! Never believe both of them. Real Vedic experts should give chance to नैजा अध्ययनासक्त | The society will be in great loss due to protesting Vedas. Let the ब्राह्मी मूल शब्द भण्डार get unlocked & our पुरातन विशेष ज्ञान be opened to society. There are solutions to thousands of problems due to which society is being suffered. So many people have played political game such that effective application of real vedic knowledge is kept out of society. This is all about the people who have preplanned to hide the special knowledge from common people. It's all due to the fear of the half cooked knowledge.

Next, the people who lead their life by the name of Vedas by posing Vedas as their property. They also act so due to the fear that their life may become tougher if everybody gets the knowledge of Vedas. Due to this they imposed the qualities like Madi and qualifications even to read Vedas!!! Society should never support the people who act like they are gods or messengers of god and what they say itself is Veda and what they utter itself is Mantra!

One more important subject of consideration is that Vedas should not be studied by the mindset laid by Macuely system of education which completely uprooted the the भारतीय परम्परा विध्यार्जना methodology. Lot of non-vedic school of thoughts in the name of different मत, धर्म, जाति, सिद्धान्त have been successful in suppressing the Vedic System of Education; in disguise! 

Veda is useful if & only if it is explored according to the पुरातन भारतीय परम्परा framework having "अध्ययन, जप, अनुष्ठान, उपासना, प्रयोग, उपसंहार" | If Vedas are studied in this framework, then the Vedic research is fruitful. To be success, one has to leave common संस्कृत व्यामोह and try to do more research in Brahmi language to realize Vedas.

Overall conclusion is that Veda is not a religious book. It’s not a book of Religious conducts (Dharma-Shastra). Not the जीवन निर्देशन नियम रूपक | It doesn’t restrict any particular way to lead the life. But it gives guidelines like “this is like this; what’s use if it is like this; if it is like this, then it will become like this etc.,” It unveils everything and gives the choice to lead your life to you only. If you use it and succeed, then it’s only you, not the Vedas! No one has to fight to protect Vedas. It is alive from crores of years and will be alive forever! It has independent existential power; it does self as well as survival of society. If we form our life style according guidelines which are all-time, all-place truth from Vedas, we will also be alive like Vedas forever.

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