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1.     One of the meanings of #Kulapati is the supremo of #kula (family or lineage), i.e. whose greatness in comparison to that of others has been recognized.

2. Another  meaning of #Kulapati is the headman of the family. Suppose there is a family having 105 members. The person whom the remaining 104 persons obey unhesitatingly and accept his undisputed authority is called #kulapati.
In ancient days, the students during the period of their study used to reside in the house of the preceptors. The children who had developed some signs of intelligence used to be left by their guardians in the care of preceptors. At the age of 8 years, after #Upanayana Samskaara , the children would study in the #catuspáthiiattached to their preceptor's residence till they were 24 years of age. A span of 12 years was dedicated for the study of Vedas according to the Vidhyaa Varna they choose from Jnana, Bala, Sampat, Bhakti. So till 20 years, they gain mastery over Veda & its branches. They were p…

Veda Ganita Query: Find Lotus length & water depth

While going through manuscript by Sharnghyadhara, there was a shloka to demonstrate that one doesn't have to go near to an object for its measurement. By its gOchaara lakshana itself, whole knowledge can be attained. Based on these mathematical arguments he proves that its not required to go to a planet to know its Kirana, GOchaara, ShaaKha, Chalanaa rules. The mathematical formulas which calculate these kinds of parameters accurately are grouped under KhagOLa-Ganita. So the query is as follows: There was a pond, it had blossomed a Lotus which stood by its stalk, bit high on top of water. This was the picture got when a person stands in the banks of pond. A mathematician if wishes can calculate the total length of Lotus-Stalk, depth of water from tip of stalk floating up, and other detail can be calculated as he wishes. It is the power of Beejaganita & Rekhaganita.

Veda Sutra - 
                                           अनारम्भणे तदवीरयेथा रणिस्थाने नारी देशे समुद्र…