Friday, 26 October 2012

Roots of Saankhya Shaastra - 1

Let me try to introduce a Puraatana Sutrakaara & Saankhya-Shaastrakaara named Nagadhara. Among the Bhaarateeya Shaastraas, the Shaastra grantha convering analysis of the most accurate & truthful subject matters is the “Saankhya-Shaastra”.  There is no compromising or adjustment while proposing the truthful & accurate subject matters with a great clarity. No place for dual opinions anywhere in Saankhya. 2 + 2 = 4 6 at any place, time or for any person. This is the importance of Saankhyaa-Shaastra. This Saankhya-Shaastra was originated from Nagadhara. Later, many Saankhya-Praveenaas existed. But Moola-Purasha is Nagadhara. This is the the actual truth.

Here Nagadhara was the manifestation of Dharma. He took birth from a mother’s womb who strictly followed Satya-Vruta. After getting birth from Satya-Vrute, he became Saankhya-Shaastra Pravartaka. This is the importance of his birth which provides an illustration of the accuracy the Saankhya-Shaastra has. Not only the Shaastra Pravartaka himself was Satya-Vruta, but also he chosen his mother ought to be Satya-Vrute. He was born to that great mother who left her life for the truth. This shows the Satya-Nistaa of Saankhya-Darshana Pratipaadakaas.

The Dharma-Murthy himself chosen the Kshetra (place) of his birth. After birth, he didn’t retained any bondage & grew himself in the nourishment of Nature. He got Updesha from oldest among oldest, the Agastya Muni. He carried Tapas based on Agastya’s Upadesha & attained Siddhi. Afterwards, formulated 16 special maths according to Shaastraas with high accuracy & abiding to his formulation in 4,444 Shlokas. The 16 Ganitas are:
  1. Prameya
  2. Upameya
  3. Samikarana
  4. Beeja-Nyaasa
  5. Khandopa-Karana
  6. Vyavakalana
  7. Sankalana
  8. Shunyeka-Siddhanta
  9. Shodashi-Sutra
  10. Panchadashi-Sutra
  11. Shannavati-Sutra
  12. Asheeti-Sutra
  13. Vargottamaamsha-Sutra
  14. Avargeeya-Sutra
  15. Bhaajana-Sutra
  16. Gunaka-Sutra
This grantha is the basis of all the different Saankhya-Darshana Shaastras. Sage Agastya taught Nagadhara only the way to understand the same. Rest all are Nagadhara’s own Saadhana. But Nagadhara’s name or introduction is not mentioned in available Saankhya-Shaastra Granthas. The reason is that (original) Saankhyaas & Meemaamsakaas are always accurate & daring to propose their truthful arguments. The prejudiced people purposefully neglected him. Totally it can be openly & publically announced that the available Saankhya-Darshana is manipulated, prejudiced & useless one.

Some of the manuscripts of Nagadhara are available, but the basic Saankhya-Darshana is unavailable. But a particular information is available. The micro & macro happenings of this world are based on a Prameya. All the happenings are encoded in a single Ganita Sutra. Eventhough a wonder, it is easy to grasp! The movement of a tiny grass also happens in accordance with the pre-calculated Ganita-Sutra. Those are named as Pancha-Bhutaatmaka Prameyaas. Saankhya-Shaastra is the one which explains the same as well as knowledge streams with pin point accuracy, complete analysis & explanations. I am nor capable, not authorized to write entire details in this regards. But trying to explore the treasure of Saankhya which has been neglected due to some partial & prejudiced bad motive. The Mumukshus are expected to put more thoughts on the same. Totally the Saankhyaas are one among the most excellent DarshanaKaaraas (Philosophers).

Usually we see Saankhya as one among the six Darshanas which are famous now. Among the small portion available with so many manipulations, it is considered as important by the scholars just because of its accuracy & some light on truth which is unknowingly inherited in spite of changes. It is said that any Philosopher should know the Saankhya in detail. This is just an introduction to the core person who proposed these accurate subject matters. This is not the entire Saankhya-Shaastra, just the glimpses. Full lessons of  Saankhya-Shaastra is expected to be taught & published in near future. Just wait and see.

[Translated into English, the preface of Tiruka Samhita-16, by K.S. Nityananda Swamiji, Veda-Vijnana Mandira, Chickmagalur]

A sample of one Saankhya-Sutra termed Srusti Rahasya Sutra given by Agastya Muni to his Shishya Nagadhara was posted to Foundation for Indian Scientific Heritage for scholars to put forth their analysis:

यवै शार्धूल खण्डितपदा मण्डित पण्डितोद्दण्ड
समृद्धि तोलतूला तुलायन्त्रै
वृद्धिबल कोदण्ड सप्तस्य प्रसंख्या वाघे योजितः |
निखण्ड खण्ड बाजै नरमण्डलमण्डितै
यो वो वान्त अक्षर स्थिरमूल मन्त्र बीज रुपैर्यद्देवता दृश्यन्ति
सृष्टि रहस्यम् ||

[Hemanth Kumar G]

........ Let us see the analysis & discussions on this in Part 2....