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Analysis on the discussion of Voice Recognition techniques & its Vedic Principles

This was my analysis in a thread of discussion held in Foundation for Indian Scientific Heritage
रुदंद्रावयतीतिरुद्र  in Vedas. The tatwa that comes to help where there is crying or sorrow is Rudra. There are lots of debates on the theory of Kalpa in Vedas. In Aghamarshana it is धातायथापूर्वंअकल्पयत्॥But not necessarily the everything repeat as it is! It will try to make everything as previous. But again previous is not explicitly said to be Kalpa. The contradiction comes when it is said that everything happens newly as in नवोनवोभवतिजायमानः॥
For the supreme power some say it as only one, then variations as 2, 3, 4, .... 16, 24, 25, ....., 32, 33,...., 40, ...64,...72,...,84,..., 108... Sahasra, Ayuta, Laksha, Koti, .... Ananta. Its nirvivaada that with respect to the concept being explained in the quoted shloka of Brihadaaranyaka Upanishad, it is 33. But its not a Constant value. A Vedantin may see it as a seed factor which gets multiplied and may become crores. But in KarmaTa accurate…

Yagna Yaaga Sutras Part- 2

|| श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः || || मण्डूक ऋषिभ्यो नमः || #Manduka #Rushis reformed the #sUtras such that nothing remains impossible by the #YAgas. Refined the rules for #KAmyas, #Arudas, top creative #JayA #Kratus with a different rule of #Agni. Formation of #Vedhi, its dimensions, brick count, directive corners, down faces, etc., for the reference of Sculptor who architects these. According to rules of mantra, formed separate sUtras to create the #PAtALa, #BhU, & #Urdhwa KundAs.
To sustain the continuity of Universe it requires various #kAmyEstis. For that the sUtras accepted in this world are #Shrautas which is implemented in #TrEtAgnis - #Dakshina, #GArhapatya, #AhavanIya. These are in the dimensions higher than the worldly matters. It provides knowledge about the world thereby fulfills the worldly desires and helps towards #AtmOnnati. The famous #Shrautis in this world who only accept the Vedas and doesn't accept the #smrutis, perform these #Shrauta #YAgas. But the worldly desires…

Maanava Dharma – Daana Neeti

In this Jagat, Maanava is the Shresta Jeevi among all the Charaacharaas. Only one Jeevi that has its “Buddhi + Karma” Swaatantrya. All other Jeevis doesn’t possess independence from Karma and are bound by a particular rule to lead their lives. But Maanava is that Chaitanya which can lead life with respect to its own “Karma + Runa” and move towards Aatmonnati. Some of the main behaviors that has to be possessed by a Maanava have been discussed below.

In this Jagat, Manuja should be awake for tri-sapta horas, One has to dip in the worldly business but without sticking, It is difficult to make others mind liking work, but there is no equivalent to it | In this Loka, for Maanava, Anna is called as Dhaiva, but unknowlingly These people make it awkward by stepping their foot on it & then eat it, How good thoughts & bless of Dhaiva can be come?..             Very difficult for who scold the Anna || 1 ||

This Janma is Durlabha & Kasta, None remain who understood the secrets of this life,…