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Light on Vedic Heritage

Veda means knowledge, it is basically only one (Moola-EkaVeda). Veda-Vyaasa divided it into 11 (Ekaadasha)viz.famous Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda & Atharvaveda,Paraveda, Aparaveda, Ayurveda, Jyotirveda, Dhanurveda, Arthaveda, Lokaachaaraveda. If we traverse to the time before Veda-Sankalana by Veda-Vyaasa, 14 Upavedas based on these 4 branches, making a total of 18 Vedas goes to time immortal. Many Smrutis & Upanishats are based on them. Then we have several Shastra-Granthasand their Meemaamsaas, Brahamanas, Aranayakas, and also Sutrascalled as Vruttis.

The basic Granthas are as follows:
Itihaasas                     12Mahakaavyaas             7Smrutis                       21  Karma Samucchayas  24Jnana Samucchayas    32Tantra Samucchayas   64Total--------------------160Indian Vedic heritage has at least the following collections:
Sutra Granthas:                               27Vedas: 4 + 3 + 4 =                           11Brahmanas:                                  1…

7 paths towards realization of God

All the species are continually affected by 7 Poisons which will distract it from the actual path. These can be overcome by practicing 7 Vratas:
1. Satya Vrata: Truth is the one which is identified by inner Soul (Antaraatma). This is also called Mauna vrata, to be in silence which will make one to listen to inner vibration (Aantarika Vaani).
2. Dharma-Paalana: Dharma is the one which is approved by inner Soul. During the time when inner Soul accepts any conduct, it will be famous in the minds of people in the society.
3. Nyaya-Rakshana: Abiding to the Economy of the country, artlessness, no steals, etc., Totally not breaking the rules imposed for Social welfare.
4. Parisara-Poshana: The touches of fatherliness are eloquent of the real Human to any species. Any species shouldn't be tortured, they should be nourished with us. Sticking to the proper rule in food habits by nourishing the plant (Sasya) based food extracts, thereby abiding the Social rules.
5. Kaayaka-Dharma-Paalana: Taking…

Conceptions & Misconceptions about Vedas

Veda is a collection of several Vicharas included & made as a Grantha in 10 ways: "मन्थन, प्रयोग, चिकित्सा, ज्ञान, परिणाम, प्रागाथ, परिणय, विशेषण, परिचयut, पूर्णता" || It is all time, all place truth! It is not related to any particular religion, caste, place or time. It doesn't has any kind of सैद्धान्तिकपर-विरोध, धैव, देवदूषणं, or हिंसा | It is not at all मत - धर्मग्रन्थ | It is a शुद्धवैज्ञानिकसंशोधनाग्रन्थ | It is not in Samskruta Bhaasha, it’s in Brahmi Bhaasha. Most of the modern age commentators have done व्याख्यन according their mind set & others quoted it as Vikruta Vyaakhyaana. But, Veda is not responsible for it; it’s the commentator! 
Valmiki Maharshi wrote Ramayana. Several thousand people wrote commentaries on it. One has to be clear while reading the commentaries that, it’s the opinion of commentator only! Based on Max Muller’s arguments, people utter that there is animal sacrifice in Vedas. Some other commenced women withering in Vedas, other Polit…

Gomaata Vishwamaata - Part 1

The lives take birth in this Earth by the blessings of god, who mercifully directs them all the time. But invisible god specially comes into picture in terms of 6 Pratyaksha Dhaivas - Cow, Earth, Brahmana, Father, Mother, Guru among which, cow is superior. Thousands of real examples can be collected which are more than enough to prove that Cow worshippers attain supreme growth in terms of physical as well as spiritual.
Govinda Naama Smarana is Shresta only due to the prefix of "GO" in it,
hence Hari became Govinda due to GO,
GO is the Aavaasa Sthaana of 33 crore Devataas,
Devataas are the Energy patterns emerging as Sraava from 33 crore minute pores from GO-Sharira,
which multiplies enormously as GO becomes older & purifies the environment & sustains plants also,
hence its Shubha to have GO in front of anything,
Maandhaata's Vamsha flourished due to GO Seva,
GO fulfills the Istaartha Siddhi, if one worships it with Drudha Bhakti,
GO is Amruta Daate, Vishwa Maata…